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Recon Industries Australia is an industry-leading operator in fire protection. We have an integrated network of fire suppression systems and solutions for a wide range of applications.

Established in 2011, Recon Industries Australia specialises in fire suppression systems, and all aspects of fire suppression systems, detection systems and firefighting equipment.

We supply fire suppression systems to the forestry, waste, mining, construction and heavy industry, as well as the equipment and transport sectors. We also supply commercial fire sprinkler systems and mandatory equipment such as fire cylinders, hoses and related fire depot gear as well as full annual servicing. We undertake fire risk assessments for properties and businesses.

Recon Industries Australia sources and tests emerging and innovative technology. After cementing our reputation in the forestry and mining sectors, we expanded into the construction, transport, manufacturing and commercial sectors where we have now undertaken countless installations for vehicles, plant, equipment and premises. Our product range which we are distributors for include Ansul, Dafo, , JSG and QTEC vehicle fire suppression systems and are widely installed throughout the Australian forestry & construction sectors, surface & underground mining sectors and transport sectors.

Some of the services we are able to offer are,

Recon Industries Australia is headquartered in Newcastle NSW with workshops and service facilities in

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