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RECON INDUSTRIES AUSTRALIA is proud to offer our customers the most advanced and up to date fire suppression and protection equipment.

We offer the complete service from selection and risk assessment, through to full installation and operator training. We provide the complete solution, we don’t say you need to do this and then we will finish installing it, we install it from start to finish, from custom made enclosures, full installation, testing, repair, servicing and re certification and commissioning.

All work is conducted to the highest standard.

From fire extinguishers to vehicle fire suppression systems Recon Industries Australia has the Compliant Solution for you and your business needs.

All of the employees at Recon Industries Australia are trained to the highest standard and follow and exceed industry best practice.

We only use the highest quality parts, systems and components, if we wouldn’t use it personality we won’t try and provide it to you.

We stock a full range of fire extinguishers for general use as well as trolley mounted Co2, Dry Chemical Powder and foam as well as severe service fire extinguishers along with cabinets and all the accessories to go with them

With our record system we ring you and let you know that an inspection is coming up and if you want a list of what has been done to your equipment or premises over its life time, it’s only a phone call or email away.

Some of the Products we are distributors and installers and also service these and many other products across New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

Some of our services include