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After 3 years of development Recon Industries Australia is proud to launch a new piece of specialised equipment to the mining and heavy industry sectors at AIMEX 2013.

MLHD (Mini Load Haul Dump) A remote controlled loader that packs a punch, at just over 1 meter wide, 1 meter high & 2 meters long, it can fit where skid steer loaders can't and being powered by a 44HP turbo diesel engine it punches well above its size. With over 100 litres per minute at 3000psi of hydraulic fluid it can use work tools that other machines in this size range only dream about.

It has been designed and manufactured to comply with the mining department guidelines; relevant Australian standards & industry best practice as well have a long life working in harsh environments.

Recon Industries Australia engaged with many members of the mining industry as well as industry experts within the mining and heavy industries to build a machine designed from the ground up to meet and exceed the current industry needs as well as being of a design that allows for machines of different sizes but still being a multipurpose machine.

Safety is a top priority & we have listened and designed the machine to comply with SIL 2 for untended operation as well as following industry best practice.


AUGUST 20 - 23 2013

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Mini Load Haul Device
Mini Load Haul Device

The Machine is called MLHD (Mini Load Haul Device)

Some key design features are:

  • A powerful Kubota 44hp diesel engine with a 70L of fuel to minimise refuelling.
  • Proximity Detection.
  • Variable displacement hydraulic pumps.
  • A quick hitch for use of multiple attachments.
  • The latest PLC technologies and engine ECU have been integrated.
  • The latest in catalytic muffler technology to minimise exhaust emissions.
  • The use of custom designed and manufactured valve banks to increase hydraulic efficiency.
  • 100L of hydraulic flow at 3000PSI.
  • Power pack mode which allows the machine to be used to run hydraulic tools trash pumps etc with no risk of the machine being driven.
  • With a height of just over 1100mm and a width less than 1100mm and a machine length 2300mm it has very compact dimensions.
  • With a SWL of over 900kg
  • A tractive force of over 6000Kg.
  • On board fire suppression system.
  • Designed to be fully overhauled and have many years of service.