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Q Tec Fire Suppression Systems

We use, service and install Q Tec Fire suppression systems, which were the first to use stainless steel tubing in place of hydraulic hose. The latest innovation we can supply to you is the Q Tec VDAS system, or 'Vehicle Detection Actuation Suppression'.

We supply this in four models.

The most recent addition to Recon Industries Australia's Q Tec range products is the LPRM system. It features a combination of 'Rise of Pressure' and 'Loss of Pressure' actuation. And it easily allows us to retro-fit your out dated pyro-wick system. It also offers electric actuation and dual agent dispersion for both suppression and cooling. It's a reliable, safe and all-round performer ideal for mining, forestry, and most other environments. And unlike other fire suppression companies, Q Tec products are 100% manufactured in Australia, for Australian mining conditions and using only Australian raw materials.

No shortcuts are taken in the manufacturing process, with stringent testing and Quality Assurance procedures to guarantee the products exceed expectations. All work is conducted to the highest standard, AS5062 Fire protection for mobile and transportable equipment, industry best practice, AS4242 Earth-moving machinery and ancillary equipment for use in mines - Electrical wiring systems at extra-low voltage, as well as following and exceeding industry best practice


Certified by CSIRO to Australian standard 5062

QTec VDAS Systems